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FishingScroll is a good place for keeping your fishing reports.

FishingScroll is a fishing app (fishing log software), designed for anglers to help them keep track of their fishing experience and analyse their achievements.
Enhance your fishing experience with FishingScroll!
FishingScroll stores detailed information about your fishing trips.

When planning your trip, you can quickly refresh your memories of your previous trips and check fishing conditions in a particular water body. This allows you to review your fishing tactics and equipment in advance, so you don’t waste your time with the hit-and-miss approach to fishing.
Try before you buy and get a trial version of FishingScroll for free.
FishingScroll is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

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● Build on your experience

FishingScroll stores various details of your fishing trips, i.e. Trips, Tackle Items, Locations, Fish Species. Information is presented in an easy to analyse, visually attractive way, which will bring your fishing experience to a different level and will inevitably improve your results!

● Each detail is important

Very often we ignore some minor details and then successfully forget all about them. FishingScroll will help you to preserve your experience. Can’t remember what the weather was during your last year trip to the lakes? Or what was water condition in the spring? FishingScroll will have the answer!

● Interesting statistics

Have you ever heard of «fish per hour» or other fishing statistics? FishingScroll provides around ten statistical metrics and more are in the pipeline.

● Favourite memories

You can link images or any other files to Trips, Tackle Items, Locations, Sub-locations or Fish Species. For example, you can attach photos from your fishing holidays to Trips.

● Multiple profiles

FishingScroll allows you to create several profiles (or databases) for keeping the diary. For instance, you can create separate profiles for fresh-water and seawater fishing.

● Flexibility in formats and settings

The sleek user interface has powerful but flexible settings, which you can use to customise the program to your preferences and taste. You can specify time format, temperature, wind speed, fish weight, etc.

You can use convenience of the online support documentation to get started.


June 3, 2012
A new version of FishingScroll (v2012.3) has been released.
- Moon Phases feature.
- Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
- Translation Tool (for translating to other languages).

May 11, 2012
A new version of FishingScroll (v2012.2) has been released.
- Added a fullscreen slideshow feature.
- New and improved icons.
- Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

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